As long as I’ve had my own websites, I’ve gone through several iterations of the “about” and related pages. Most were the typical, stuffy, humorless, lifeless, and impersonal treatments of whatever “stuff” is associated with this entity I call “me.” Unfortunately, some of that “stuff” will still be here, since I can’t think of any other way to present it, but I am making an effort to give readers a deeper and more personal glimpse into what I have been and am up to with my life.

However, some of these glimpses may not be of interest to some people, while other glimpses may be of more interest. Personally, I can’t can’t separate out particular “piece” and think that it is some sort of bordere, separate entity that’s disconnected from everything else. Please keep in mind that this separation into bits and pieces is just for convenience and not at all a reflection of reality.

My Personal & Professional History & Current Work

My Past and Present Interests

Published & Unpublished Works

Job and Professional Career Narratives

International Bateson Institute & Warm Data Labs

Thematic, Humorous, and Other Glimpses from an Autobiographical History

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