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My Concerns for Children and Education in Brief

I worry that we are losing sight of children in schooling. By politicizing schooling, our children have taken on the identity of a number in a box. Politicians aren't really interested in "THE child," only in the political capital they can accumulate by playing on the emotions of the voters. In addition, our educational institutions focus on educating "heads"... and only the left side of heads at that. This "educating" focuses not only on the logical and rational, but also on the superficial and disconnected. High-stakes testing, narrow and mechanistic views of curriculum, dispassionate and detached views of children, and limited views and visions of learning are "killing" our children. Most children enter school with their intelligence, curiosity, and creativity intact and thriving. However, it doesn't take long to turn them into living "robots," who no longer enjoy learning and who've lost their curiosity, passion, and creativity. Even though each child is unique, schools expect them to conform to some sort of lifeless standard. Children's voices are silenced; and their spirits are deadened. Yet, children are capable of so much more than we can ever imagine. This site and my other sites are devoted to exploring these issues and to pushing the limits of our assumptions about schooling and learning.

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  • Researcher & Advisory Board Member, International Bateson Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Professor Emeritus, Science Education and Curriculum Studies, College of Education, Northern Arizona University
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